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The newspaper (Reporter Chen Xuelian) City Planning Natural Resources Committee recently issued a number of public notices for the naming of prefectures to listen to public opinions.

The roads are all urban roads. The length, width, road texture and traffic conditions of the roads in the field are in line with the road naming standards.The proposed road is located at Wangjing Street, east of Wangjing West Road and west to Jingcheng Expressway, with a total length of about 1,100 meters. The Chaoyang Branch of the Municipal Planning Natural Resources Committee stated that because the road was located in the original Lutiantun Village, it was named as Luotianyu Road according to the naming principle of place names.

According to the road network plan of this city, the road project of Tongma Road (Jingha Expressway-Beijing-Tianjin Expressway) is under construction. In order to ensure the operation of the vehicle, the Municipal Planning Natural Resources Committee named the bridge along the project. After research, the bridges along the project are planned to be named Sihezhuang Bridge, North Bridge, South Bridge, Daludian First Bridge and Daludian Second Bridge. Among them, the Daludian Bridge crosses the Shuangqiao West Road, which is named after the Daludian Village; the Daludian Second Bridge is the main line of the U-head Bridge, which is named after the Daludian Second Village.

Beijing Daily

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Article Source: Beijing Daily