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Clear Master's compassion and wisdom reveal:

My little lecture hall is not big. My opposite is a photo of the teacher. Why? I never forget the teacher. Without these teachers, I am so miserable, how can I be so happy! This road teacher refers to the teacher, the teacher taught me this road is the highest enjoyment of life, I listened very much, the highest enjoyment of life I want, I really go this way.

The teacher taught me to study Sakyamuni Buddha. Sakyamuni Buddha is alive. He is the happiest person, the happiest person, the most wise person, and the most blessed person in life. He is no different from him. This road is not well-known, it is not a promotion, but what is it? Reading, this life reads the book that I like to read, tells the way I like to talk, how happy you are.


I heard that this world is very chaotic, I don't know, I live a peaceful life every day. why? I haven’t watched TV for about 50 years. I don’t read newspapers or read magazines. I don’t know anything about the world. Nothing, you want me to ask, nothing, the world’s balance. You are not chaotic, you have a lot of worries, I don't, I am pure and happy.

From this we can see that the world of bliss is happier and the space for activities is even greater. Said in front of the Buddha, the Buddha is a blessing newspaper, and it is no longer necessary to support an Alohan Fubao, and the Buddha is still available! In the world of bliss, you have the ability to be detached in the world of bliss. Naturally, it is not repaired. This is the Amitabha Buddha god blessing to you, how many bodies can you divide? There is no limit to the body. I myself listened to the Amitabha scriptures in the Amitabha lecture hall, did not move, and went to every world and every Buddha to go to Buddha and repair.


xxYou see, at the same time, you can provide the boundless Buddha, listen to the Buddha's words and tell the wisdom, Fu Hui double repair! This world has been repaired for 10,000 years, not comparable to the blissful world. Can this go? Moreover, the life of the bliss world is infinite. The world needs to engage in six reincarnations, to engage in the ten-law world, and not to bliss the world. The life of the bliss world is eternal. It is really lifeless, not fake.

Long life, telling you not old, old is not interesting, he is not old, always young. why? Our world, as I told you before, scientists have proved that it is entirely from the phenomenon of volatility, it is moving, it is not static. There is no volatility in the world of bliss, so he has no aging and no change. The good looks are unexpected, you can't imagine. Born into the world of bliss, the body, the use of the metaphor, the metaphor can only be like a metaphor, can not be compared to the appropriate, what body? Purple grinding really golden body. Good, there is no amount of phase, there is no good.


《观无量寿佛经》On, Sakyamuni Buddha said the number, saying that there are 84,000 phases, each with 84,000 good, each with 84,000 light, and each light has no amount of light. Buddha and Bodhisattva, where they teach and teach, and attract all sentient beings from all ten parties. It’s very lively, like a juggler, that’s true, it’s not fake. So you really understand the living conditions of the bliss world, the living environment, all kinds of good, you are willing to go.

Congratulations from《净土大经科注》(Fifth 46th Episode)

South Amitabha

May this merit

Equally apply everything

Tongfa Bodhi Heart

Passing back to the country of happiness