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安家杰:赢意大利建立信心 队员进步因为她们努力


After defeating the Turkish women's volleyball team by 3-1, the team led by executive coach An Jiajie staged the "Revenge" scene and won the bronze medal in the World Women's Volleyball League Finals. After the game, An Jiajie accepted an interview with the media. When talking about the reasons for the progress of the players, An Jiajie said: "The main thing is their efforts, their desire to progress."

In four games, An Jiajie and the girls, who were regarded as the second team by the outside world, scored 2 wins and 2 losses without being optimistic. Looking back on the past few days, An Jiajie said: "It should be said that this week our team members have experienced the process of growth. The first game is 1 to 3, it feels good, I feel that there are many opportunities, but you have no chance to lose, lose to the opponent. That is no chance. In the second game against the Italian team, we let go of the game and have a certain confidence to establish, so the latter game, the trust between the players and the team's centripetal force gradually strengthened."




In the first match of the group stage, the team lost to Turkey 1 to 3. In this game, the team learned the lessons of the last defeat, and well suppressed the characteristics of the opponent. An Jiajie saw the highlights of this team. "This game shows that there are some twists and turns in the third game. We need to summarize, how to adjust when we encounter this situation on the field. Finally, we did not make the first. The mistake of the field. Several members of the fourth game, Liu Xiaotong and others, are trying to drive everyone, which reflects the team's centripetal force."

In addition to Gong Xiangyu, Yao Di and Lin Li, the starting players like Liu Yuhan, Wang Yuanyuan and Zheng Yiqi have been training in Beijing for some time. It should be said that from the performance of their field, their training in the previous period has achieved results.

xx当然,他们还很年轻,有很多地方需要改进。安家杰坦率地说:“从那一刻起,这支球队获胜,后悔失败,以及服务,特别是遇到困难时,我们怎样才能团结起来,在很多方面,让我们回去快点总结一下。” p>

一名记者说:“我觉得这支队伍已经迫使土耳其队出局了。你是这样看的吗?”在这方面,安家杰说:“我们的队员们没有讨论这个问题,这只是一场铜牌争夺战。如果你有一定的压力和想法,你就可以发挥实力。这对运动员来说是一种锻炼。” p>